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System: Gamecube
Release date: June 7 2004

Four Swords, the extra game that came with A Link to the Past on GBA is becoming a stand-alone game on Gamecube.  The game will have a similar point, you want to collect more rupees than the other players.  While doing this, however, players must team up to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.  A player can pick up and carry other players and use their boomerangs to steal items from other players
The game is controlled by connecting anywhere from one to four Game Boy Advance systems to the Gamecube, no Game Pak is required for the Game Boy Advance, the game runs completely off the Gamecube.  Players can explore cooperatively on a single TV set, or they can go underground and see the action on their GBA screens.  Players can work together to defeat enemies that go back and forth between the TV screen and the GBA screens, and they can also control enemies on the TV screen by hitting switches on the GBA screen with their swords. 

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