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This website Is created by me, Jalaneme
The best female gamer around!

Hello everyone and welcome to come and visit this website for the latest news, animated gifs, downlaods, my personal page, and many more....

Computer games news
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Videogame news
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Whats New?

03 September 2007

complete overhaul of various webpages on my website! have a look! brand new videos of my game collection, zelda retrospective, final fantasy retrospective!

15 August 2007

corrected a few errors, cleaned up and added new content to my homebrew page, more homebrew coming soon!

03 January 2007

hello people and happy new year! haven't updated in a while but there is a major update today, new updated pictures of my consoles are all there for you to enjoy!

22nd June 2006

update of Zelda history, added new maps to Zelda III, ocarina of time, and majora's mask.

22nd June 2006

updated pictures of me to photo gallery and moved location to main menu ;)

22nd June 2006

Updated DS photo, check console collection for more details.

20th Dec 2005

brand new updated ROM list, broken links fixed.

updated Final Fantasy and Zelda web pages.

Major update with new pictures and info of my consoles, check out my new picture of my cool PS2!

06 March 2005
videogame company is a great online store to buy goods for your ps2 playstation and gameboy advance you can buy modded ps2s that let you play all import games and backups i like this site bcasue they have they sell the ultamte ps2 that plays everything! if you are intrested in this site check out the link in "my favorite links" second page.

20 September 2004
added some more new pics of me on the about me page.

14th January 2005
updated and cleaned a few broken links.

Please get in touch with any comments or if you see any broken links site.