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Release dates, US, Dec 1988, Jap, 1988, UK, 1988
System: NES

Princess Zelda has mysteriously fallen into a deep sleep, and it is only Link, now older and more mature, who can save her. Defeat the six temple guardians, restore the crystals to the statues, and bring back the Triforce of Courage from the Valley of Death. All Hyrule is depending on you!

Zelda II is probably the most unique of the Zelda games.  Not only does it feature a different storyline from the normal defeat Ganon and get the Triforce storyline, but it also introduces a style of gameplay that is not in any of the other Zelda games.

Zelda II is the only game in the Zelda series that is a side scroller.  This makes the game much more challenging that any other game in the series because instead of being able to walk around enemies, the player has no choice but to fight them.  This game is also the only game in the entire Zelda series in which Link has a number of lives.  In all other Zelda games when Link dies he either starts the dungeon he was in from the beginning or starts at a predetermined area in the overworld.  In Zelda II, Link gets three lives and if he dies, he comes back in the room he died in.  A few extra lives were also hidden throughout the land of Hyrule to help Link out.  Zelda II is the first game in the Zelda series that gives Link magical ability and several useful spells are available for him to use.  In Zelda II, Link has eight spells at his disposal, while in Zelda: A Link to the Past and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link receives only three spells to use.  Another unique feature in this game is that by defeating enemies Link receives experience points which can be used to increase his levels in three categories: Attack, Magic, and Life.  This allows Link to become more powerful as the game goes on and presents extra challenge because many levels will be nearly impossible unless Link has reached at least a certain level in each of his three abilities.


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