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Release dates: US, Aug 1993, Jap, 1993, UK, January 1999
Systems:Gameboy, Gameboy colour.
Link sets off to a distant island to hone his fighting skills. An unexpected storm, however, wrecks his tiny craft. When Link awakens, he finds himself on the bizarre Koholint Island. Magic and music will guide him in his quest to escape the island.

Link's Awakening was the first Zelda game to be released on Game Boy, and has been the most popular handheld game ever since.  Five years later, Link's Awakening was re-released for Game Boy Color, getting a graphical update and some new features. 

Link's Awakening/DX gives us a nice break from the typical Zelda storyline.  It is currently the only Zelda game that does not take place in Hyrule, and in fact, Princess Zelda is not even in the game.  Link is shipwrecked on the mysterious Koholint Island and must gather eight instruments so that he can awaken the Wind Fish and leave the island.    

Link's Awakening/DX also contains some innovative features not present in any of the other Zelda games.  One of these features is the ability to assign any weapon to any button.  Link no longer has to carry his sword all the time and unique puzzles are in the game that require you to use two items in combination with each other.  A hidden dungeon was also added to the DX version of game.  After defeating the dungeon, Link gets a choice between doubling his defensive power or doubling his offensive power.  Another feature new to Link's Awakening DX is that when you get to certain parts of the game, a mouse will take Link's picture and save it to an album that can be printed using a Game Boy Printer, giving the game replay value.

Although a few of the enemies in Link's Awakening DX have returned from previous games, the vast majority of them are new In the DX version.  The DX version even includes the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros. series.  The bosses in Link's Awakening/DX are very challenging and like the bosses in the other Zelda games, they each have their own specific weakness that must be exploited in order to defeat them.  The final boss is possibly the most challenging in any Zelda game due to the fact that it is actually six bosses in one!

Link's Awakening set the standard by which all future Game Boy Zelda games will be judged.  The game is a welcome addition to the zelda series and will always be regarded as a true clasic.

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