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System: Philips CD-I
Release date: N/A

 The Wand of Gamelon is the second of the three Phillips CD-i Zelda games.  The game is a side scrolling game, similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  In the game, you play as Zelda rather than Link because he disappeared while looking for the King of Hyrule, who has also vanished.  

 The game features excellent animation, and because it uses CD-ROMs, it has room to store voices rather than using text boxes, and each of the characters is acted out quite well.  The King acts noble, while Zelda is innocent and determined, and Link acts like a jerk.  When talking to characters in towns, you are treated with a nice animation, and when killing enemies, it can be quite humorous because some enemies will say something like "You've killed me!" to which Zelda replies "Good."  

The game plays similarly to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link with a lot of platform action and your normal mix of searching for items and dungeons.  Many townspeople have side quests for Zelda to go on, and when these quests are completed, they reward Zelda with an item that will be useful on her quest.  Unfortunately for us, Zelda: Wand of Gamelon is nearly impossible to find anymore, the Phillips CD-i system it was released on was a flop, and it will take some detective work to find the system and a copy of its Zelda games.

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