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On this page you can download tools and fun stuff for your computer I will try my best to make sure the downloads don't contain Ad-ware but if they do I will note it down next to the download if something happens to your computer it is not my responsibility contact the following website that you downloaded the software from. Hopefully nothing bad will happen :)

Ad-Aware is a really good spyware remover, trojan remover, spam remover and one thing it's free to use, if you want to unlock the extra features you have to buy it, but the program does not expire.

Ad-aware SE personal

Pop up instector is no 1 for deleting pop ups fed up of getting countless pop ups in you face? This software also deletes error messages that close your web browser so that is a bonus. Download this free trial! this software has a expiry date of 28 days so you can only use it up to a month.

Pop up inspector

Google tool bar This bar is cool because it has auto fill. You know when you have to type in those looooooong regristration forms for websites? well not any more with this you can simply click "auto fill" and all you details will be filled automactcally it also has a search feature, and pop up blocker* 
*you need to have internet explorer 5.5 or over to have the pop up blocker*. When you download it you will see all this ad stuff but you don't have to enter any details it has not cause any problems on my computer so it's safe.

Download google tool bar here

Yahoo tool bar: this is just the same as the google tool bar but you don't need a certain internet explorer to work the pop up blocker. Downside of this one is that it dosn't block all pop ups,  you decide.

Download yahoo tool bar

Msn Messenger: This programme is good for people who have hotmail with this programme you can instanty chat to other users who have Msn messenger it is also a good way to communicate with other people.
Bad points: this programme is known to cause a lot of problems with your computer (and mine) There is also loggin in problems and a risk of viruses and people spamming but if you want to take risks then go ahead and download it.

Download msn messenger

Comet cursors this has no ad-ware, just lots of fun cursors for your computer!

Download comet cursors

Download JoyToKey : This wonderous programm lets you use your joystick on any programme that you have so if you are having probs with any of the emmulators use this. or if you want to use word with your joystick? use this! this program only works wth older controlers not recent ones. this program works with OOT2D aswell.


Shareaza Is a program where you can share data with other users this download has no AD-ware.


edonkey2000/overnet do the same thing as shareazza but has a bigger database but longer queues  download here. be warned edonkey has adware in the download (there is a option to not install it) but it is worth it to download it.