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This page has all of my favorite links for other websites that I find intresting so have a look and see if you like any.

Here's a link to offical playstation u.k

Playstation 2 u.k

Heres a link to nintendo's official european website its got news on the latest and greatest games for nintendo it also has a forum which i'm on all they time.

Nintendo online u.k

Stuck on a game? go here for you solutions, recomended.

Game faqs

Cheats DE German tips and hints site really good.

Cheats DE

Annie Reb's free screensavers this site is good  for window themes and screen savers but be warned this site has a lot of Ad-ware in it's download so download at your own risk. Its advised to download spy sweeper first before you download these screensavers!

Screen savers

These website is really weird the site is called "site pal" on this web page robots talk to you and you can make them say things to you back either in english or in diffrent accents, really cool try it out. Click on the coresponding sections to launch "talk to me" programme or "oddcast news" programme. Click on "try now" to get the demo started you will see a face, you can then customize the face or make it say phrases!

Site pal.

Sick sad fun!! loads of flash games!! kill celebrities that you hate in the assasin section....  you name it, it's in there! have fun!, another great flash site they have very good fun games with stick people!!! loads of violence check it out!

Be warned this site is not for people who hate blood and gore! this site is full of it!

Why you should never put your Image on the Internet....

A warning!!

Pure has tons of tips hints and cheat codes for loads of games for diffrent consoles


PC pit stop is a website that scans you computer for errors for free it also give suggestions on what to do if you have any errors on your computer. very good website. 

PC pit stop

Finaly! I have found a site that is only for girl gamers like me! if your are a girl gamer have a look here! It's a bit too girly for me and also it's in the U.S I will find a site for gamer girls in the U.K.... watch this space.

Gamer girls unite!

Are you fed up of getting Disc read errors? do you get them more often? well go to this site and It will explain step by step how to fix them it's very detailed so you won't be stuck.
For anyone who does not know what a DRE is its a fault in every PS2, it's like a time bomb waiting to explode! you won't get it at first... but wait 2 years cause that is how long most ps2 can last... till bam! one of these formats of disc won't work in your PS2: dvd, silver disc, or blue disc, or on rare occasions your PSX discs. it just comes up on the screen "dics read error" when it tries to load the disc, well fret no more! use this guide to get rid of it once and for all!

DRE FIX is a great site for offical news on games, it has forums , and the best option of all you can make your own game list there. create a game list of all of your game collection so you can show it off online!

Favorite links 2