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The legend of zelda twilight princess

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This is the most well waited game of 2004 many zelda fans long awaited for a link that was better than windwaker Nintendo heard thier cries....

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an upcoming video game in Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, for the Nintendo GameCube. Originally planned for release in November of 2005, Nintendo delayed it until 2006 so that the developers could add more content and 'fine-tune' the game. Websites for several online retailers have assigned the game various release dates in March or April, but Nintendo has said only that it will be released after their current fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2006.

This was a big surprise at E3 2004 when for the first time The legend of Zelda was shown on a big screen, there was a second trailer that was later shown at the 2005 Game Developers Conference.

When people saw full grown men (and women including me! LMAO) cried and wet themselves with joy! Link was back! and he was coming back with attitude! gone are the cartoonish graphics!!, gone are the childish gameplay, and easy bosses that most gamers didn't like! This is what everyone hoped for when the windwaker came out but it never happened, but now it is gonna happen! and this event is gonna change Link's image forever....

Nintendo has and still is working on the title and the game is far along in development. The game is expected to be released in 2006 at some point, although nothing has been set in stone.

I think this game is going to be bigger that ocarina of time why you ask? because this game has a vast bigger area to explore that ocarina of time did, this time it's on a next gen console so the graphic will be amazing! action will be very good as well, loads of sword fights hacking and slashing and it's a new world to explore.

I don't know anything about the story line, no one does yet maybe later on in the year Nintendo will reveal some more about this game. all I know is that link is much older now,.In this game Link will be grown up, at 16 years old (just like in Adventure of Link), so kid link will not be making an appearance in this game.. And he Is totally been redesigned from head to toe (in all Zelda's he's always different) In the trailer you see a castle perhaps that is hyrule castle?

The graphics are amazing with so much details in the enemies, lighting effects are bouncing off walls dark shadows are shown in one of the dungeons in the trailer, this is one good thing cause it brings that effect of the game being dark and mysterious. I also like the fact that this game is aimed at older gamers as well. even though it will appeal to a many other different amount of gamers.

We know that this game will feature fighting while on horseback. Shigeru Miyamoto said that was something he wanted to include in Ocarina of Time, but couldn't for technical reasons. We also know that this will be an entirely new Zelda game, and not a remake of any older games.

A number of former rumors about the game were confirmed at E3 2005. The official title, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was announced. (The title was actually first revealed in a scan from Game informer. It was explained that Link would transform into a wolf when he enters the "Twilight Realm", a mysterious void that has ensnared Hyrule. It was confirmed that it falls chronologically "decades after Ocarina of Time", but before The Wind Waker, and that "the hero in the adventure is an all-new Link". Interviews and a playable demo exposed many new details, such as Link beginning the game as a sort of shepherd or cowboy, Link battling on horseback, changes in the horse controls from Ocarina, thematic differences between dungeons, and so on. Live feeds of this demo have also been published.

In recent interviews in Nintendo Power, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and the Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, director Eiji Aonuma revealed that Princess Zelda and Ganondorf will be returning. What their roles are is unknown, but the new character art shows Princess Zelda with a thin and somewhat effeminate sword, leading many fans to theorise that she will fight at some point, or at the very least defend herself. Nintendo is unclear on whether the Master Sword will be featured in the game.

Aonuma has also stated that the game will be much larger in size than Ocarina of Time, and will have many more dungeons. He revealed that Link can communicate with animals when in wolf form, but did not elaborate on this. When transformed into a wolf, Link's senses (smell, sight, and hearing) will also be raised quite significantly. With these advantages also come some obvious disadvantages. While he is a wolf, Link cannot use any of his items. Aonuma also confirmed that there will be no voice acting in the game. However, characters will still grunt, laugh, scream, and make other such noises, just as they have in all LoZ games on the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube.

i have included a 30 minute gameplay clip of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess spoiler! watch at your own risk!

Keep looking here for more news about this game.when more info is released.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess gameplay video 30 minuites.

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