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all about Homebrew!
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new for 2007! i will be updating this webpage with all kinds of legal homebrew for all to enjoy, coming soon!

Super NES

BS Zelda
For those of you who don't know, BS-Zelda was a game that unfortunately was only playable in Japan.  It was made for an add on system for the Super Famicom (Super NES was called Super Famicom in Japan) called the BS-X.  They could download the game from a satellite and save it onto a cartridge using this add on.  BS-Zelda is one of the games made for that satellite system.  It is a remake of the original Legend of Zelda, but instead of just improving the graphics and sound, the overworld and dungeons are changed also.  All the enemies are from the original Legend of Zelda, there are no new or removed enemies in the game, and the strategies for defeating them are the same as in Zelda 1.  This game cannot be found in stores or imported. but you can download It here! if you need the emmulator to play it then got to the emmulator web page to download it.

BS zelda

Download newer version of BS zelda

Download loads of fun gba homebrew here!

Download loads of fun DS homebrew here!

NET YAROZE clone CD image for playstation download here, you will need a playstation emulator to play it!

NET YAROZE mds image for playstation download here, you will need a playstation emulator to play it!

PSX Compilation homebrew, various game demos, some unfinished and some are pretty decent, credit goes to Tursi for the great games!