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NOTE: be warned here you can download emulators from all the latest and best third party developers, when using commercial roms, they must be deleted within 24 hours or you will be breaking the law, downloading roms is only for try before you buy evaluation. please try to support game developers by buying the orignal games!

Visual boy advance download this great emulator to play loads of great GBA homebrew! this link leads to all versions and languages for the visual boy advance so choose which one to download.

Download this bios file so that you can play the GBA emulator with more compatibility.

NEStron a really good NES emulator download It here on this website!

Meka - is a great multisystem emulator. It has support for following systems:
- Sega Game 1000 / SG-1000;
- Sega Computer 3000 / SC-3000;
- Super Control Station / SF-7000;
- Sega Mark III / MK3;
+ FM Unit Extension / MK3+FM;
- Sega Master System / SMS ;
- Sega Game Gear / GG;
- Coleco Vision / COLECO;
- Othello Multi Vision / OMV.
Meka has cool original interface (You should take a look at it ;), sound, joysticks, zipped roms and savestates support. It also has support for many different peripheral devices, like a Light Gun and 3D Glasses! Moreover it has almost 100% compatibility! Meka and FreeseSMS are the best choice for SMS, GG and Coleco lovers!

Project 64 emulator is better than nemu it plays a more higher % of games  you can alter more options to do with you graphics card and it also has a cheat codes feature. you can also play the roms without unziping them only works with win zip not rar. enjoy.

Download service pack for project 64 emulator

Download the service pack for the emulator this updates the drivers and other stuff that you need to play games. When you download the files make sure it goes in the folder where the emulator is.

This is the BEST emu for Sony Playstation. It uses PSEmu plugins and progressing very fast. Emu has sound support, joystick support, memory card and save states support, graphic accelerators support, full MDEC support and VERY GOOD compatibility (75% of games work great on 400MHz Celeron). Another good feature of EPSXE is iso support. At first time this emu can be too difficult to configure, but when you figure out how to, you can enjoy tons of perfectly working games!
If you are still stuck on setting the emulator up here is a mini guide to help you out. if you still need more help check out the official website for more info.

Epsxe mini faq

bios files: needed to play games in diffrent regions




 "GENS" is a emulator for the sega megadrive, you also can play, sega CD games on it too! download now!

zsnes emulator is the best around you can play 100% of snes games download now.

The legend of Zelda in 2D!!! Download now to play this game! this was made by a guy called Daniel barras

unfortunately daniel barra's offical site where he delevoped ocarina of time 2D has been shut down so the demos are only avalible through other sources.
the good news is that i have manged to restore the links so you will be able to download the game again. ^-^

Demo 4: Unreleased Resolution: 512x448
Features: Name Registration, 3 Save State Files
Items: Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield, Deku Sticks, Fairy Slingshot, Gold Skulltulas, Deku Nuts, Deku Seeds, Map, Compass, Heart Container, Kokiri Emerald
Areas: Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, Great Deku Tree
Bosses: Gohma

Demo 3c: Download Resolution: 256x224
Features: Prioritized Movement, Name Registration, 3 Save State Files, Day/Night/Fog System.

Demo 2: Download Resolution: 512x448 to match Link to the Past
Features: Tunic Changing, Wallet Upgrades, Rupees, Heart Containers, Life Upgrades, and Magic Meter Upgrades

Demo 1: Download

Resolution: 640x480
Items: Sword, Bombs, Boomerang, Bow & Arrow


Extra save state trainers, save anywhere, and modifer your character.


 OoT2D Save State Trainer v0.2.1

OoT2D Save State Trainer v0.1.6

OoT2D Save State Trainer v0.1.5

OoT2D Save State Trainer v0.1.1

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