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My dreamcast, the best retro console out there. and lots of sega clasics.

History of the Sega Dreamcast

In early 1997, Sega began work on a successor to its popular Saturn console. The new machine would have a Hitachi SH4 processor and an NEC PowerVR2 graphics processor, making it the post powerful console of its time.

It was announced to the public by the project name Katana on 7th September 1997, and then finally unveiled in May the following year under its production name Dreamcast. It was the first 128-bit console, and also the first to have a 56kbps modem which made it the first console to offer online gaming.

It was first shown to the public at the Tokyo Game Show that autumn, along with the first line-up of Dreamcast games. Capcoms Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Segas Sonic Adventure and Virtua Fighter 3D games were three of the titles created to tempt gamers to try the new console.

On 25th November 1998, the Dreamcast was finally released in Japan, and sales were unprecedented. It was not released in Europe for another year, and though it was successful it had to go up against Sonys 128-bit PS2, which could also play DVDs and was backwardly compatible with the original PlayStation. Rumours of Nintendos upcoming Gamecube, and Microsofts XBOX, also made the market more difficult for the Dreamcast.

Production of the Dreamcast ceased in March 2001, when Sega announced that they were leaving the hardware business to focus on making games for other consoles. This move changed Sega's image forever.........

Technical Specs:

CPU : 128-bit Hitachi SH-4 RISC processor (200MHz 360 MIPS)
Graphics : NEC CLX2 processor
RAM : 16MB, 8MB Video RAM, 2MB Sound RAM
Colours : 16.7 million
Polygons : 3 million per second
Game Media : 1.2GB GD-ROM, 12x access speed
Resolution : 640x480 pixels
Sound : Yamaha 64 channel
Operating System : Custom Windows CE with DirectX support
Modem : 56Kbps (US/JP NTSC), 33.3Kbps (PAL)