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Sky Glitch
To do this you must bring up the shop dupe window. Run to the quest counter and press A twice then B twice then A once and now you will be able to run around with the quest menu. Have somebody cast a pipe at ruins 1 before you do all this and make sure that they are visible to you. Run to the pipe on pioneer 2 make the window pop up for gallons shop and make the person take the pipe press A and start the quest as they are tunneling and they will end up in a weird place up in the mountins.

Lobby 11 Glitch
When there are more than 8 people in the lobby simply run to the transporter and load back into the lobby you will end up behind the counter if it doesnt work the first time try again.

Trade Steal
First, take the items you want to not trade out of your bank into your inventory.
Then make sure you have no meseta in your inv, it just makes it easier. Then do the dupe trick up to the deposit/take window. (if you take it out after, sometimes the person doesn't see the items in the trade window)

With the deposit/take screen still on your screen (you never take it off), have someone open a trade window with you, or open one with them.

When scrolling through windows, always use the up on the d-pad, this makes it so you are always doing a deposite->meseta. If you ever need to back out of something, make sure your on the meseta/item screen or you will back out of the dupe trick.

Next add in the items you want to ghost trade into the trade window. Get the trade straight and backout the items you are not gonna pretend to trade.

Then go to "verify item" in the trade window, and "deposit" on the bank window. Depsoit all the items your gonna trade. This makes it appear in the trade window, but nothing is really there.

Do a final confirm and BAM, you get thier items, they get nothing.

Preventing Trade Steal
To prevent Trade Steal right before the final confirmation hit various times on verify items. If the person is trying to trade steal odd item descriptions (aka. Rare item has description of a monomate). If this happens then your about to be trade stolen. Just cancel your trade or trade if you wish to be stolen.

Boss Trick
To do this trick you must have somebody stay idle for you on pioneer 2 have them cast a pipe for you once you get to the boss. No matter how many people go you all have to do this trick if you want to fight the boss again. So like the Lag Dupe method you must pull that same cord out during the dieing sequence of the boss (poseing screen for falz and olga) then once the exp registers sign off and plug your cord back in then sign back on and take pipe and fight the boss again!

Reconbox Trick
First you will need a Srank Mechgun with the King's Ability. (ungrinded is best but anymore) or any mechgun with the king's ability. You will also need a controller with Turbo.

Go online to a ship and lobby not used much. Make a game and start the East Tower quest. Go through it until the 3rd floor of the control tower. You will see 2 Reconboxes. Kill the one on the right since it spits out those monsters. After that the other will be left and it doesn't do anything. Now position yourself right beside it so that you can hit it and not move or anything. Now put your turbo on and use tape or something to hold the button down. Now you can do whatever you want as you level and gain experience ( I put it on when I sleep). You can also do this to the Gibbles across the thing since it cant attack you but it will die eventually so I reccomend Reconbox.

Ghost P2
Do a choice search.
Hit meet user and lag yourself. (pick up your phone.)
Keep pressing start untill you can exit the meet user window.
Hurry up and make a game before you transport.
You will end up in a ghosted p2. No warps, doors, or npcs.
Other people will not be able to enter the game
(they will get an over-head view of p2 and they will be stuck there untill they disconect.)
Also, no one will be able to hear or see you or what you type.

Walking Dead (Soul Drop)
For this you need a Double Cannon. This can only be done in Battle mode. Equip your Double Cannon and use its special till you are almost dead. Then heal yourself and do it again. You must have it so it takes off exactly the amount of Hp you have left. So you have to figure out how much Hp it takes off and then get that much and use it. When this happens your name will be red and you will appear dead but you can walk around and cant be killed.

Maxed Stats
First off you have to know how to dupe with the glitch. If you don't check the link on the side. Also you will need any armor with at least 1 slot, God/Ability (you can use others like God/Power too), and 1 meseta (if your not an andriod).

First equip the frame. You must have the God/Ability and meseta (if needed) in your inventory as well. Only equip the frame.

Next, you must have opened the bank window and be able to walk around with it. After this has occurred, make sure that Deposit/Take is showing.

Push the start button. Make sure that the word "Deposit" is highlighted on the bank window and the words "Item Pack" are highlighted in the start menu. Push the "A" button one time. This will take you to a new start menu screen. It will also give you two new options on the bank window, "Meseta" and "Item" of which "Meseta" will be the highlighted word. Now, push "Down" on the D-Pad. This will highlight both the words "Items" and the word "Item". At this point, push the "A" button again.

Now, for the strange part On the top window, you must have the Frame/Armor highlighted and on the bottom window you must have the God/Ability highlighted. Push the D-Pad either up or down as many times as it takes to make this happen. The one meseta is there to offset the bottom screen so that this can happen. If you have a HUcast, HUcaseal, RAcast, or RAcaseal, you already will be offset due to the traps that are in their inventory.

Once the Frame is highlighted on the top screen and the God/Ability is highlighted on the bottom one, push the "A" button. This will bring up two dialogue screens. One gives the Yes/No option for depositing and the other gives you the option to Equip/Drop/Sort. If you merely push the "A" button again, it will deposit the Frame as well as deposit the God/Ability. This means the God/Ability will be equipped with nothing else. It will be the lone item in your inventory, save for the single meseta. Back out of all windows. Make sure not to unequip the God/Ability. If you check your item window again, you will see it truly is still equipped. Quit and save your game.

The next step is the longest to perform, but by far the easiest. Start a new offline game and allow your character to load, then quit and save. Each time you do this, all stats but your ATA will go up by 20. ATA only goes up by 2 at a time. You can check your stats at any time after your character loads. When you finally enter the game and all of your stats are at their maximum, quit and save one final time, then start another game and unequip the God/Ability. Your stats will remain at their maximum. No mags, accessories or anything else is needed. This will take forever for ATA so you can always equip a God/Arm whenever the others are maxed.

Material Reset
*Warning* With this you will be reset how you started the game....items, mats, quests and so on. The only thing you will keep is your level. This is only if you messed up what materials you want to use for your character. That is all I would suggest using it for.

It's really quite simple. Get your character ready to go online that you wanna reset materials with, but at the bursting screen to load online, quickly put the 1st memory card in slot 2 and the slot 2 one in slot 1. If you only have one memory card, I reckon that you could just put the slot 1 memory card in slot 2, or just remove it and do nothing else. But I've never tried it except from swapping two cards. When it finishes loading (you need to do this before it finishes loading) it'll give you the disconnect error, telling you to press start to quit. Don't hit start. Instead, turn off the cube. Load up the game again, put the memory cards in the original positions, then load up your character to go online again. When online loads it will tell you that there was an error and that c-mode and items, etc, will be reset. And viola, there you go. This trick is perfectly harmless, despite the fact it sounds dangerous. Just do *NOT* EVER remove the memory card if it is actually saving (ie, if you took too long to do it in the bursting screen, and it gets online and does the first save). If done right you should be all set. Since I and a friend have done it without event I can vouch for the safeness of it...

Other Ship
First, meet user then lag for 5, 6 or 7 seconds. As soon as the meet screen goes away click start, then go to the lobby counter and choose ships. if done right you're character will load in "other ship."

Blank Mail
First off, find someone to send an email to. Second, put in 4 spaces & then any letter/icon. Then highlight ok & press a & b at the same time. Send the email & there should be nuthin in it. Works gr8 for spamming someone ya don't like.

This is the same as ver2 dreamcast disconnect but there isnt a infinite items code so you have to Lag Dupe your items and have a friend pick them up right after you sign off once the person picks up a bunch of the items that were duped everyone without infinite items on will be disconnected.

Lag Dupe
To Lag Dupe you must distinguish what kind of internet connection you have (56k, broadband, DSL) go to the bank and deposit your items and take them back out. Then leave the game type in your password and hit enter and you will have the bursting screen this is where you have to lag. (56k you can turn a phone on or pull cord out of gamecube a little bit) (broadband pull cord out of back of hub) (DSL pull cord out a little bit) Once the first save is over you may stop the lag by plugging the cord back in then once you load on pioneer 2 pull cord again to avoid the second save. Drop all your items then pull your memory card then plug the cord back in and wait to disconnect. When you come back your items will be in your inventory and on pioneer 2.

Corruption Prevent
So you enter a game and you freeze at the second save it happened to me once but i found a way to get around it. This only works for when you freeze at the second save if your power goes off while saving or you dc before the second save your on your own lol. When you fsod all you do is open the gc disc tray pull out your memory card and turn off power its that simple. Now i know some of you are like no way hes full of bs but believe me ive tried this and it does work. I know this isnt a glitch or code or nothin but hey who wouldnt like to know this info if they ever corrupt. As for coming out of the bank and freezing dont worry about that you havent corrupted you just lost whatever you had in your inventory that wasnt equiped. Well if you still dont believe me and you do freeze one day what do you have to lose by trying this your char would be gone anyways Hah well for my first post i sure was full of hot air huh? Be sure to give some credit to my cuzin RoB ZoMbIe me and him fount this out.

Crazy Word Select
ok to do this trick it take 2 people. Hvae one person keep doing random word select while u go into word select ---> Create A Convo then go to items/weps/units it doesnt matter what one as long as it has other subjects at the bottem....highlight other subjects while the other person is doing random word select. After a while the options on the right will change when u see it change move from other subs to everbody which is up lol. then hit a to go into hit up again to go the the bottem of the list then select it then it up again and it will bring u to the bottem of a new selection after hitting a just keep going till you get to the end of it you should know when...onceyour done it should be something crazy

Please clear the trap word select

go to other subs again then hit up and A at the same time....or u could go to the last name and hit A and down after a while it should please clear the trap insted of everybody,we

Ruins Glitches
Get to the the room right before you fight Dark Falz. Kill all the monsters. Now go back to the doorway from where you came. On each side there are these things that stick out that have a line running down the middle. On the left side run at it between the middle line and the left side. Keep trying and eventually you will walk into the wall. On the right side do the same but on the other side of the middle line.

Right before you fight falz at the green happy place walk to the very back behind the artifact thing. Walk towards the hill or grass or whateve (towards the middle) and start using a heavy attack (no guns). Keep doing this along it and eventually you will walk though it.